Adolescence Essential Reads

Dawn Henderson

Race-Related Trauma in the Public Education System

Are we missing an important dimension of trauma?

Why Social Media is NOT Smart for Middle School Kids

Wondering why your middle schooler's social media use has ratcheted up your stress levels? Understanding the brain at this age can help you can take back control.

Caution: Your Tween May be Stressing Over Snap Streaks

Stopping your tween from continuing a Snapchat streak can easily make him feel like you are forcing him to commit social suicide. He will bargain and beg to keep his streaks going.
Carl Pickhardt Ph.D.

Adolescence and the Parental "No"

A parental "no" is a barrier to adolescent freedom. Parents have to decide when to keep the barrier up and when to let it down.

Teen Pregnancies Fall But School Sex Ed Doesn’t Work. Huh?

By Michael Castleman M.A. on March 15, 2017 in All About Sex
The number of teen pregnancies has plummeted by more than half in a generation. But a new analysis shows that school-based sex education classes don't work. How is this possible?
Martin Falbisoner (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Should the Government Assess Sexual Orientation?

We need a large-scale survey based on our best science that focuses specifically on sexual-minority youth and young adults.

The College Mental Health Crisis: Focus on Overall Wellbeing

Let’s look at some scary facts about mental health on our campuses...

How to Overcome Math Anxiety

By David Ludden Ph.D. on March 04, 2017 in Talking Apes
A major international study looks at the relationship between math performance and math anxiety around the world.

Spring Break and Alcohol

It’s that time that hundreds of thousands of college students across the nation look forward to.
Can Stock Photo / kwest19

The College Mental Health Crisis: Focus on Suicide

College is often said to be among the best times of our lives. Yet today college students are seriously stressed and have few mental health resources. Suicide is a serious risk.

Do Asexuals Have Sexual Fantasies and Do They Masturbate?

There is a spectrum of asexuality with a variety of sex drives, attractions, fantasies, and masturbations.

Adolescence: Your Parenting Work Is Not Over Yet

A parent’s job changes at a child’s adolescence. Be available while letting go. Argue. Laugh. Love the person your child really is, underneath all the identities they’re trying on.

Six Reasons Why Individuals Choose Suicide

Have you been affected by a suicide this year?

Margaret Mead and the Great Samoan Nurture Hoax

Margaret Mead’s claim that nurture prevailed over nature in Samoan childhood and adolescence has been shown to be completely fictitious.
Carl Pickhardt Ph.D.

Teaching the Early Adolescent About Freedom

Adolescence are concerned with getting freedom to grow -- freedom from from old restraints and freedom for new opportunity. Parents need to speak to both concerns.
AVEN's Flag

Asexuality: A Brief Primer

“Asexuality does not make our lives any worse or any better, we just face a different set of challenges than most sexual people.”

Boys Will Be Boys—Even If Raised Believed to Be Girls

Boys born seeming to be girls and socialised as such revert to male after puberty in ~90% of cases, providing an acid test of nature versus nurture.

Behind the Smoke-Screen of Vaping: E-Cigarettes

By Sylvia R. Karasu M.D. on February 03, 2017 in The Gravity of Weight
Electronic cigarettes have become big business throughout the U.S. and worldwide. What do we really know about the safety of these products?

Age of Consent: How Old Is Old Enough for Sex?

By Michael Castleman M.A. on February 01, 2017 in All About Sex
In most states, the "age of consent," the age when adolescents can legally have sex, is 16. It used to be considerably younger.
Ritch C Savin-Williams

More Bisexual Women? Think Again.

Decisions the authors made regarding sexuality as categorical rather than a continuum led to a misinterpretation of their data.

The Effects of Digital Technology on Reading

What kind of materials are better read in print than on a screen?
eric maisel

How Parents Can Help Their Children Without Psychiatric Meds

Are parents being served by the current "mental disorder labeling and medicating" model? Join experts from around the world as we look at alternative models and helping strategies.

University Student Mental Health

In these uncertain and anxiety-provoking times, our universities have an increased responsibility to support student mental health and wellbeing.

Gaydar: Do You Have It?

Cues include adornment, body movement, voice, and facial features—but are these accurate? Can bisexuals be detected?
Dora Calott Wang

Separate and Unequal

By Dora Calott Wang M.D. on January 07, 2017 in The Kitchen Shrink
How can we make America a more equal and prosperous society for our kids?
Dawid Zawiła

A Moment in Time

By Stephen Gray Wallace on January 01, 2017 in Decisions Teens Make
Some might suggest that, today, we stand at a moment of decision – at least with regard to the futures of our children.

For Depressed Teens, Therapy Shows No Edge Over Routine Care

By Peter D Kramer on December 22, 2016 in In Practice
In a major new study, two standard psychotherapies—cognitive-behavioral and brief psychoanalytic—did no better than routine psychiatric care for adolescent depression.
Carl Pickhardt Ph.D.

The Parent's Job With an Adolescent in High School

The parent's "home schooling" curriculum for their high school student is preparing the young person for more independent functioning after the high school years.

If We Don't Ask, We'll Never Know

By Mitch Prinstein Ph.D. on December 07, 2016 in The Modern Teen
After a few minutes with a mental health professional, this is what parents are shocked to learn about their kids.

The "Failure to Launch" Epidemic

By Hara Estroff Marano on December 05, 2016 in Nation of Wimps
Turning out OK is no longer an outcome acceptable to parents. Today children must be optimized. And that may be why failure-to-launch is a growing problem among young adults.