Twins: Individual Identities and Common Bonds

Does a close twin relationship take away from individual identity?

Twin Research and the Arts: How Are They Connected?

Which comes first? The science or the work of art?

Twins Reared Apart: Documentary Films and More

Twins reared apart tell us a lot about where our behaviors come from!

Doctors and Twins’ DNA Sometimes Disagree; Switched at Birth

Twin type matters--to twine reared together, reared apart or switched at birth. A case of separated sisters will be described in a forthcoming issue PT an din an upcoming TV series.

A Twin Pioneer

Meet a Twin Pioneer

Twin Congress Highlights and Telling Twins Apart

What you can learn from the International Twin Congress, and a new way to tell twins apart

Getting Into College: Twin Dilemmas

Unique factors affect twins at school.

Theft of a Twin

What happens when a twin is stolen at birth?

Curious Twin or Sibling Pairs and School Separation

Curious twins—what are they? And is school separation advised or not?

Curious Twin/Sib Pairs and School Separation

Curious twins—what are they? And is school separation advised or not?

The Switched-at-Birth Twins of the Canary Island

Twins switched at birth face unusual life challenges.

The Twin Children of Auschwitz-Birkenau: Unique Survivors

The special twin survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau

Personality Similarity in Unrelated Look-alikes

If you had an unrelated look-alike, how alike would you be?

Twin Olympics!

Why are some people great athletes? Just ask twins

Twins Reared Apart

Twins reared apart are windows into the world of human development

International Twin Congress and More

Twin research never stops!

Twin Studies: Solvent Exposure, Parkinson’s Disease and Gender Identity Disorder

What twins tell us about chemicals in our environment.

When a Twin Dies

A twin-based perspective on organ donation and its aftermath.

Twin Tidbits

Twins have twice as many tidbits!

Twins and Non-Twins Switched at Birth: How Rare?

Switched-at-birth twins: how and when do they occur?

Twin Research: Misperceptions

Twin research is fraught with misperceptions that need correcting.

Twin Injuries -- Genes or Environments?

Are your genes behind your injuries?

Twin Typing by Self-Report

Twins: identical or fraternal? Who knows best?