Does Your Ex Want to Get Back Together?

It may be time to cut the connection with your ex altogether. Or consider acting just like them: Remove them from the center of your life.

Are Thoughts of Your Ex's Past Lovers Still Haunting You?

Why is it so painful to think about your ex's sexual encounters, when you won them back in the end? Read along for five possible reasons that your heart is still aching.

Why Do We Fall in Love?

We have the greatest propensity to fall in love when we perceive the other person as a way for us to undergo rapid self-expansion.

Love and Psychoanalysis

Many mistake the shift in hormones and neurochemicals that are natural in healthy, long-lasting love relationships for a sudden absence of love.

Love as Attachment

Compulsive care-seekers, compulsive caregivers and avoidant individuals typically do not have a loving response that matches that of their partners.

How to Stop Verbal Abuse

The only effective way to put an end to particular instances of verbal abuse is to call out the abuser each time they strike.

When Love Becomes Infiltrated by Hate

Passionate love and hate are obsessive emotions, whereas indifference is a a kind of numbness that likely sparks an absence of action as opposed to reaction.

Overprotective Parenting and Symbolic Rejection

The problem with helicoptering is that, like being physically absent as a parent, being hyper-present can harm children.

The Only Way to Succeed in Your Romantic Relationship

If we are used to the high of being in love and then we suddenly feel nothing but the occasional closeness and sexual attraction, we are bound to think that something is wrong.

Infidelity, Open Relationships, and Polyamory

Some romantic partners are convinced that they can provide everything the other person needs. Not so.

What’s In It for the Overprotective Parent?

Helicoptering and snow plowing provide greater life satisfaction for some parents.

Overprotective Parents: Helicopters and Snowploughs

Helicopter parents are physically hyper-present in their children’s lives, which protects against parental loss of autonomy.

People Who Are Unable To Love

Being in a relationship with a person who is incapable of love is one of the worst situations that a person can be in.

How to Overcome an Insecure Avoidant Attachment Style

Trust should always be treated as relative to a person.

Getting Over an Abusive Ex

Are you completely hooked on someone who no longer wants you and who was abusive to you? You are not alone.

Why We Hate Our Exes

Your craving for a dopamine fix that only your ex can provide can also make you angry and hateful toward the one person who is withholding your "drug" from you: your ex.

Why People Struggle to End Verbally Abusive Relationships

A person with an otherwise accurate theory of mind will repeatedly make the wrong predictions about verbal abusers.

Your Dependent Attachment Style Is Pushing Your Partner Away

If you have a depending attachment style, and you are in a relationship, chances are that you are in the process of ruining your relationship.

Attachment Hatred

It is hard to conceive of the possibility of a father who loves his daughter but brutally murders her for falling in love with a man.

Parental Attachment Problems

Recent reports reveal that a shocking high number of children are not securely attached to their parents.

Do All Parents Play Favorites?

The majority of the parents have a favorite child, a preference that's hard-wired into the brain.

Custody Rulings Tend to Favor Status Quo

Despite the difficulties associated with raising a kid on your own, having a child with someone else isn’t always ideal.

Jealousy as a Narcissistic Wound

A psychological state that feels like jealousy to one person may not feel like jealousy to another.

Narcissistic Men and Their Mothers

There comes a time when the boy of a narcissistic mother will come across to the mother as a mysterious and dangerous testosterone-filled creature.

Orgasm Is Akin to a Seizure

Neuroscientists have for a long time been hoping to find an explanation of why orgasms feel good. Adam Safron has come up with a model to explain it.

The Connection Between Ejaculation and Prostate Cancer

A controversial reverend in Ghana claims men are at risk of prostate cancer if they can't have sex with their wives 21 days per month. What does the science say?

How We Get Obsessed With Crushes Who Don't Want Us

Why do we have so much trouble letting go of people who reject us?

Men Who Refuse to Satisfy Women

Cunnilingus is not the only way to stimulate a woman to orgasm but it is an effective way and one that can lead to a very intense orgasm. Yet some men refuse to perform.

Why We Get Stuck on People Who Just Aren't That Into Us

Defining yourself partly in terms of your past relationship is unhealthy and unnecessary. To get on with your life, you need to free yourself from this aspect of your past life.

Six Cues That Your Lover Is Selfish in Bed

If you clearly express your needs, and your lover still does not do his best to try to satisfy you sexually, then you are with a person who is selfish and lazy in bed. Get out now!