Is Your Child More Anxious and Worried Since the Election?

Many parents on both sides of the political aisle have added to their children’s worry and anxiety by not being more careful with their words before and after the election.

What’s Needed in These Uncertain Times? Maybe More Empathy.

During uncertain times, it can be hard to be empathetic to another's point of view, but empathy makes us wiser and more strategic, and it can even change how we view something.

A Survival Guide for Uncertain Times #3: Positive Thinking?

Giving up positive thinking and embracing the mindset of Maybe can be the key to finding strength and resilience in uncertain times.

A Survival Guide for Uncertain Times, Week 2: Communicate

There is a lot of change happening in our country. We need to keep communicating with each other and try to unite people by sticking to the issues.

A Survival Guide to the Trump Era: Embrace Uncertainty

How to handle uncertain times with less stress and worry.

In These Times, Our Greatest Enemy Is Our Need for Certainty

Have you been extremely fearful and worried since the Presidential Election? Maybe embracing uncertainty will give you the hope you need to find strength and resilience.

The Day After the Election, Will We Still Be Friends?

Many of us have people in our lives that we have argued with or may not be speaking to because of the presidential election. How can we repair these relationships and begin again?

The Emotional Pain of Holding on to Yesterday

Three easy steps to begin letting go of our emotional pain caused by holding on to the past. Today has its own gifts if we are willing to be present.

Are You Too Focused on the Things That Bother You?

A shift of perspective can help you experience more joy and peace throughout the day.

Why Are We Always Looking for Certainty in Our Lives?

We look for certainty to guarantee that everything will be okay, but we're often limiting our opportunities for joy and success. Maybe there is another way!

Finding Freedom From the Past

The past can hold us hostage and prevent us from creating a business, finding a relationship or a new perspective about our health. How can we find a mindset to move forward?

Living Life to the Fullest

How many times have we got through a difficult situation and committed ourselves to appreciating every day of our lives? How can we remember to live life to the fullest each day?

A Paradigm Shift In New Year's Resolutions

A Paradigm Shift In New Year's Resolution. Focusing on Helping Others Maybe the Greatest New Year's Resolution of them all.

Soothing the Pain of Rejection On Facebook

Rejection can be hurtful. How can we keep our hearts open and find the love within ourselves to be less needy, more giving and less rattled by how other people are behaving?

When Seeking Pleasure Turns Into Emotional Pain

There is nothing wrong with desires and pleasure seeking; it is perfectly normal to want wonderful things and experiences. But longing to repeat an experience that has already happened is a type of pleasure-seeking that can leave us feeling miserable. Our minds become so focused on repeating a past experience that we that we can’t appreciate the new moment we are in.

Sometimes We Can't Put a Positive Spin on Our Troubles

Sometimes it is hard to see the positive side of life when you feel disappointed or an unexpected event leaves you feeling alone and groundless. You want to feel optimistic but you just don’t see how life will change or what could possibly make things better. This is a perfect moment to let Maybe into your life.

How Can We Not Sweat The Big Stuff?

We can feel overwhelmed and stressed during uncertain and challenging times. Our fear of how things will work out and what it will mean for our lives can make it hard to gain perspective. Is there a mindset that can ease our minds and offer us hope and possibility in any situation? MAYBE there is.

Reducing Our Children's Stress During The School Year

As our children are heading back to school, they may already appear a little more stressed. Within weeks of school starting, our children can become irritable, sleep less and you may notice things getting out of whack with family life at home. Here are six tips you can use to help reduce your child's stress so they can feel more balanced and get their work done.

The Blessings of a Messy Room

We can feel angry and frustrated when our children do not clean their rooms, put the dishes in the sink or do their other chores. What would happen if we see their mess as a blessing? It could be the key to less emotional suffering and experiencing more joy each day we spend with our children.

Do You Want More Respect and Recognition for Your Work?

The desire for appreciation and respect from others often stems from a fear that things are not all right. We are afraid that we're not who we should be or we're not accomplishing enough with our lives. Yet the trap is that we can’t always get from others what we are looking for and must look within in order to find any semblance of stability and freedom.

How Can We Face a Difficult Time With a New Perspective?

Many of us lose perspective in the situations we are dealing with in our lives, no matter what they are. A particular situation becomes all-consuming and we start to believe that we need it to work out a particular way for our lives to be okay. How can we create some separation from our problems to gain a new perspective and relieve some of our stress and worry?

The Joy Of Giving

When we can release our expectations and help another person with the pure intention of just giving, it can be one of the most thrilling aspects of our lives, even when we get nothing in return. As Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

How Can Letting Go Make Us Stronger?

It can be tough to let go of expectations and attachments when the unexpected happens. Yet, if we can find a mantra or a tool to help us let go of our thoughts about what might have been, we often make room to embrace whatever we are experiencing. We can come to the moment with an open heart and avail ourselves to all that is possible.

Is There Ever Just One Side To A Story?

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how someone else could have another perspective when we feel so right about how we perceive a situation. But if we are willing to pause and think about why the other person feels the way that they do, we might open our hearts a bit and realize MAYBE there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

A Path To Less Suffering

So what is the key to internal freedom and joy? In a word, it is acceptance. Acceptance does not change your passion or need for change, but allows you to “show up” in the moment with peace about what is, and strength and focus to make things different.

If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them

"If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them." Mother Teresa Our judgments interfere with many of our relationships. Often we get so consumed with everything our spouse, child, friend or co-worker is not doing right, that we often forget to see what is special and wonderful about them.

How Can We React Less to the Stress in Our Lives?

As our minds get consumed with stressful thoughts at home or work, this is the moment when we are most in danger of overreacting to situations like our children not listening, a disagreement with a co-worker or a difficult client. Here is a tool to help you show up with more ease, patience and kindness in all of your daily interactions.

Finding The Sweetness in LIfe Even When Times Are Tough

I had just found out my mother had breast cancer, and I was walking to meet her for dinner. My mind was seized by the most frightening thoughts of losing my mother and what this illness would mean. All of a sudden, a beautiful breeze hit my face and an enveloping peace and joy ran through me. Was it okay for me to feel this joy when danger was looming over my family?

A Story About James Gandolfini: Giving Up The Roles We Play

When James Gandolfini helped the struggling performer at the birthday party he dropped his identity as an Emmy-award winning actor and as a parent, and simply became one human being helping another. I began to understand that our role-playing in society could block a part of our humanity and not reflect our true identity. MAYBE being kind is our most important role.

Do We Cause Our Own Emotional Suffering?

Are you constantly worrying about what your boss or friend thinks about you or how you will become successful in your line of work? How can we loosen our grasp on whatever is the root of our stress or worry? Maybe there is way!