No Way Did I Want to Die

Adolescents want to feel pleasure, takes risks and be social. Add in a brain that is impulsive and emotional and you have a set up for potential addiction. This is a story about just such a teen.

Is Addiction a Disease? Part 2

Even addicts are doing the best they can.

Is Addiction a Disease?

Even addicts are doing the best they can.

Kids and Bullying: 5 Things to Talk About

Five tips to help manage bullying

Not Just an Addict

People with addiction and psychiatric conditions all too often are dismissed and disregarded.

Promise of the New Year and Losing Weight

Making New Year's Resolutions can be a weighty problem. But making promises you can keep improves your self-esteem.

Hate, Love, and Adolescent Addiction

What every parent should read if their child has an addiction, and what every family member should read if they gather together for the holidays.

Dysfunctional Family Week

Taking responsibility during Dysfunctional Family Week puts you back in control.

A Simple Technique to Manage Anxiety

What you think affects what you feel. Learn these four simple steps to manage your anxiety.

Keep It Frontal: Don't Go Limbic

Using our modern brain to outsmart anger. Keep it Frontal. Don't go Limbic.

Trying to Find Our Way Home

What we can learn about ourselves from Battlestar Galactica.

Overcoming our Deepest Fear

Shifting from less-than-you-can to the best-that-you-can leads to success

The Deepest Fear

The I-M Approach: We are all at an I-M, a current maximum potential

Addiction Is Not a Crime But Can Lead to Them

The real stolen jewels from addiction are the people we love.

The Influence Of, And On, Epigenetics

Our genetic code is neither immutable nor controls us but is fluidly influenced all the time by the world around us and the world we choose to create.

Four-Way Stop Sign

You can almost feel the blood pressure going up in the drivers that were following the rule.

A Ticket to Success

Building friendship creates strong cities

Squirrels and Stress

Stress does not need to drive you nuts

A Croissant and a Cross Waitress

The stress of a bad waitress can leave an unpleasant taste.

Stress Goes Up When Money Goes Down

As money goes down stress goes up.

The Bike

Schwinn 1963 Stingray. Treasures hidden by addiction.

Managing Our Stress

We live in “an overstressed nation.” According to American Psychological Association 2010 Stress in America Findings, the source of this stress is related to the recent recession.

Why Is This Stress Thing so Important?

It is not always our stress that gets in the way of our success. Very often it is someone else's stress that gets in the way of our success. So what can we do to relieve another person's stress so we can all be more succsesful?