Understanding Your Child’s Spiritual Life

How well do you understand your child's inner life?

Why it’s good to listen to children at Christmas

Christmas is a time when Santa Claus prepares to fly around the world with his reindeer to drop off presents for every single child on the planet. An opportunity to listen to children’s explanations about how Santa performs such magic is always worth listening to.

Five Reasons to Listen to Your Children's Dreams

Why listening to your children's dreams can bring you closer.

Imaginary Friends: More Common Than You Might Think

 "Hardly any children have imaginary friends" Jean commented cynically. How wrong she was. Her misconception is a reminder that if we are to fully understand children, wider informed knowledge is needed beyond our own experience.

When children see the invisible

"It's NOT my imagination!" screeched Maisy, aged seven and a half, after explaining how she had been playing with a friend whom her family could not see. Children are accustomed to being told that something is just their imagination, but what does it feel like when someone says that to you?