A Profound Experience With the Toilet

In any distressing situation, we have only two choices: Accept or resist. You have to find a way to willingly welcome your uncertainty and distress.

“The Noise in Your Head” Video Series

Follow a young woman who struggles with anxiety & applies treatment principles to her everyday life. She engages Anxiety in a competition to win her life back.

My Worry: Is It a Signal or Noise?

Worries take two forms: signals and noise. Signals prompt you to take action because signals come with solutions. Noise comes with no solutions. Simply put, noise is static.

Why Discomfort Can Be So Good for You

If we’re truly interested in living in the real world, we must train ourselves to cope with the insecurity of not knowing and the sensations that come with awkwardness.

Studying Anxiety, Our Toughest Challenger

What a poker champion can teach us about managing and overcoming anxiety

Winning the Battle Inside Your Mind

It’s 35 degrees this morning, and partway through a 3,000-meter race, I go into panic mode. I can’t breathe. Suddenly, the battle is not on the water but is inside my own mind.

The Surprising Usefulness of Worry

Worry serves the essential function of helping us solve legitimate problems, but anxious worrying serves the opposite function.

Learning From Chris Sharma

What a no-ropes rock climber can teach us about tackling our Anxiety.